Why Do I Write #4 – Elizabeth Barone

Four Weeks. Four Mondays. Four Authors. Why Do I Write is a series of thoughts written by indie authors I read, like and admire. 

This is the last instalment in the Why Do I Write series, and I wanted to close it in style. Elizabeth Barone is a huge influence on my own writing journey, and it was impossible not to invite her. We met forever ago, when we were both writing for ourselves and trying to figure this whole thing out. A few years later, Elizabeth is an established indie writer; her love for New Adult shines through her books,  moving, witty stories you can relate to. Her new novel,The Nanny With The Skull Tattoos, is out now. Thank you very much Liz for sharing your journey.



Writing to Outrun My Demons
Life isn’t pretty, but art reminds us that we are alive and can make a comeback.
I started writing to save my own life. Years of struggling with depression and anxiety brought me back to the page, pen in hand. Slowly, I began channeling that energy into stories. Here was a place that I could build my own sanctuary, word by word. I fell in love. My stories were my private therapy sessions, a judgment-free zone where I could figure out the things that poked at my heart like thorns.
For a long time, I kept my stories to myself. Little by little, I shared them with close, trusted friends. When I realized that I could use my words to build worlds that encouraged people to keep fighting no matter what, I knew that this was what I wanted to do forever.
I’ve been to the bottom and back, and I know one thing for sure: I’ll use my last dollar and, someday, my last breath to put what’s in my heart onto the page. Life may cover us in bruises, but there is always hope.  My mission is to keep that message alive.




Elizabeth Barone is an American writer. Based in Connecticut, she writes New adult and romance stories with a grit. She is the author of over a dozen books, including The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos and the South of Forever series. You can support and learn more about Liz here




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