Look at me, I am a new post!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Yes, I am alive. I haven’t posted in two months, which is not very surprising; I am not a blogger – I would love to, sticking to weekly posts and all, but I feel like all I’d be able to talk about is “Work in Progress still in Progress”; “Real life vs Writer Life: I am Frustrated” or “OMG I made pancakes!”. And I don’t have cute pictures to share. So you lovely people are clearly the winners in this story.

I have a few things to share though, so here’s the comeback of The List! (was it really a thing, The List? Did I call it “The List”? see, not a blogger. *sigh*)

  • You may have seen his name around the internet. Matt Haig is one of my new favourite authors ever. If you had to read only one  book this year Reasons to Stay Alive would be this one.  We always talk about life changing stories and this is a read that will change you, help you or someone close to you.
  • Best Tabletop in ages!!! Wil Wheaton, you perfect storyteller.
  • Speaking of team Geek & Sundry, the one and only Felicia Day (aka my work icon; my not so secret dream is to work on a project with her. Here I said it) wrote a memoir! You’re Never Weird on The Internet (almost) is available in August, my heart is happy, so should be yours.
  • In Greg Berlanti we trust (I didn’t realise it was him behind Everwood. I loved Everwood!)
  • I have a new Punk crush
  • Loved Mad Max? Meet Stephanie Hans

That’s all for today, see you next month?



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