Oh, hello there

I guess it’s time for another yearly post!

Gosh, 2017 did not go to plan at all. But that’s okay.

I have somewhat neglected my writing for the past (two) year(s). I guess hitting my thirties sent me into panic mode and, while I was frantically trying to find some sense of purpose and security by chewing my way into the corporate world, my little stories got forgotten in my old laptop.

But now that I have successfully proven to myself that, yes, I can sustain a career somewhere (hello, Human Resources, my safe haven of policies keeping my need for control in check), it’s time to finish what I started, namely my two works in progress.

And I have a plan.

First, kick starting new habits. I have enrolled in Writers HQ new online course so that should keep me busy and focused in January.

Second, keeping you, my fellow readers, updated. I am not too fussed with newsletters – most of us just delete the damn thing as soon as it lands in our mailboxes – so I fully pledge to write a new blog post every month.

Third, finish the god damn manuscript that keeps haunting me since I first wrote some words in a notebook on a cold October morning four years ago. I am not even kidding. Finishing a first draft is still incredibly difficult/painful for me but I need to stick to it if I ever want to get better at this writing thing, right?

Fourth, more flash fiction/short stories,  because it’s fun and improves my humble craft.

In other news, if you are curious about how I’ve spent my 2017, my Instagram is full of bad pictures and snippets of my life. If you don’t want to click but are still curious, highlights below:

  • Liars’ League Hong Kong picked my short story Victory Rolls for a live reading back in summer. There is no YouTube video or anything, but it’s still a massive achievement for me, and you have to take my word for it. I would love to get that story somewhere and will enter it for submissions this year so keep your fingers crossed.
  • am a certified HR professional – I’ve spent a big chunk of the year writing assignments and performing mock interviews and performance reviews. And then passed Level 3. I loved it.
  • I sang with one of my favourite bands. With their singer. On stage. It was not planned. The lights blinded me. It was fun.
  • I took up sewing. No injury or domestic incident so far.

So, that’s all for now. I guess I’ll see you next month!







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