Month 1 – Light is coming


Thank God January is over

So we’re 30 something days into 2018 and my goals are doing okay, despite a cold /bronchitis that brought me down for a few weeks. I usually get very excited about January – there’s the promise of new beginnings, and there’s my birthday. This year I lost the spark a little bit. Blame it on the germs, or the constant darkness after 4pm.

We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.

On to the good things!

I finished the writing course, enjoyed it, and wrote a few shorts. I am very happy with some of the results, and have sent them to three competitions so far. I am obviously bracing myself for impact (the rejections), but it’s a step in the right direction.

This course also taught me that not everything I write should be read. With that in mind, I am giving myself permission to experiment and fail with Lights, which has a great premise but is still a draft in progress, for the fifth year running. I am determined to finish it, but it might not land on your kindle. And that’s okay. I have other plans for you readers (cue enigmatic music).

Next month: my first writing retreat! More tales of conquering fears! Puppies! (That’s a maybe)





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